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What other city has both DMC (Destination Medical Center) and DAC (Destination Auto Center)? Only Rochester, MN! DMC--Mayo is the best of the best for your ailing body, but DAC-Rochester Toyota is the best of the best for your ailing auto. Todd Lange and his service team recently performed a “medical” miracle for my 2001 Prius---the second time in two years! The current illness was a failed transaxle (last time the hybrid battery) and Mr. Lange graciously offered to submit a goodwill request to TMC (Toyota Motor Corp.) to assist with the cost. Even though it was an extremely long shot… even though it was an extremely, extremely long shot… he didn't even blink an eye. He just pulled it off! Kudos and Five Stars to fantastic customer service, the kind that almost makes you look forward to a broken car! It’s a thrill to watch miracles happen at DAC—Rochester Toyota. You'll be inspired to bake them a cake, or knit an afghan or just give them your unfailing loyalty and devotion. My Prius is humming a sigh of relief and gratitude.

Elizabeth Lavine
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