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Toyota Oil Change Rochester MN

Getting regular oil changes is one of the best things you can do to protect your engine. However, oil changes get a bad rap in the car maintenance department. Many car owners have an oil change reminder sticker on their windshield and dread it when their miles creep up to the next needed appointment. When you get your Toyota Oil Change in Rochester MN at the Rochester Toyota Service Center, we make it a priority to provide quick and hassle-free maintenance so there is no stress involved. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and the tools necessary to keep your car's engine running like new.


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How often do I need to get an oil change?

While a lot of those trusty oil change stickers still state to come back for a new oil change every 3.000 miles, it's probably not necessary, especially with a newer car. The best way to gauge your oil change interval is to take a look at your owner's manual. It should tell you how often your model can go between changes. It should also tell you which oil type, conventional, synthetic or blend, is the best fit for your engine.

Schedule an Appointment at the Rochester Toyota Service Center

One way that Rochester Toyota is making your Toyota oil changes easier is by offering online scheduling right from the website. When your car is set for an appointment, just log on and schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient. Returning customers will even have their information saved for a quicker scheduling process. Don’t put off routine maintenance any longer. Schedule an appointment at the Rochester Toyota Service Center today.

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Service Hours

6:45AM - 6:00PM
6:45AM - 6:00PM
6:45AM - 6:00PM
6:45AM - 6:00PM
6:45AM - 6:00PM
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