2017 Toyota Avalon vs 2017 Subaru Legacy

2017 Toyota Avalon vs 2017 Subaru Legacy

The Toyota Avalon is the largest sedan that the automaker makes. It has been on the market since the early 90s and is a flagship sedan. The Avalon is by far one of the best-selling vehicles in the segment and has always been known for its reliability, spaciousness and comfort. The all-new 2017 model is by far the best version of this car to ever hit the market. The new 2017 Toyota Avalon has a more exciting styling, better handling and an hybrid model. As a result, consumers couldn’t be any more excited about this vehicle.

The full size sedan segment has grown in popularity significantly in recent years. As a result, there are more vehicles than ever competing for market share in the segment. One of the cars that challenges the Avalon for market share every year is Subaru’s Legacy model. Therefore, we have decided to match up the new 2017 Toyota Avalon vs the 2017 Subaru Legacy. Continue reading to find out which of these two vehicles is best in the new model year.

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2017 Toyota Avalon vs 2017 Subaru Legacy
268 @ 6200 RPM Horsepower 175 @ 5800 RPM
248 @ 4700 RPM Torque 174 @ 4000 RPM
3.5L V6 Engine 2.5L H-4
5 Passenger Capacity 5

2017 Toyota Avalon: Spacious and Comfortable

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Interior on the 2017 Toyota Avalon
Wheel on the 2017 Toyota Avalon
Headlights on the 2017 Toyota Avalon
Sport Mode on the 2017 Toyota Avalon

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