What Best Price Philosophy?

At Rochester Toyota, we believe everyone should get the same fair price when purchasing a vehicle from us. We don't think your savings should be based on how well you can negotiate. That is why we offer a Best Price Philosophy. We put our best, lowest price up front in every single vehicle and online every single day. When asked, the majority of customers said they disliked the negotiating process. Every vehicle is clearly marked for both our customers and competition to see so you know it is a competitive price. Our goal is to save you time and money so why beat around the bush on price?


How do we find the Best Price on a Vehicle?

To make sure we have the Best Price on a vehicle, we use several pricing and inventory tools to help us determine the market of our vehicles. It will let us know the rarity of a vehicle or how others are priced in the market. Based on mileage and condition, we price accordingly saving you the hassle of having to compare vehicles from all over. We put our Best Price up front, but with the change of the market and seasons, we do adjust accordingly to make sure you are always getting the Best Price.


How can we offer a Best Price Philosophy in a competitive market?

We are able to offer a Best Price Philosophy by employing a non-commisioned sales staff. Our staff is paid on volume and customer satisfaction. It does not matter if you buy a $500 car or a $40,000 car; all that matters is that you find the right car for your needs. They want to help you find what you want and make sure you are completely satisfied. Again, our goal is to save you time and money. We want to be your first stop, last stop and only stop for all your auto needs.